Best Gerbil Cages Review & Tips!

Welcome to the ultimate resource on gerbil cages: the best, the worst, and all the tips and tricks you’ll need to keep your gerbil happy and healthy!

Whether you are a long-time gerbil owner or looking to dip your paw into the world of small pet keeping, this blog has something for everyone.

Let’s explore what makes a gerbil cage great (or not so great!) together.


Are you new to being a gerbil owner and need tips for getting the best cage?

Or do you have some experience with your pet and want an in-depth look at the latest cages on offer? This guide has got you covered.

Gerbils are small rodents that have become increasingly popular as pets due to their active, playful, and sociable nature, as well as their low maintenance requirements.

They may look cute which is true but gerbils need a secure and spacious home both large enough for them to move around playfully and securely, while also containing enough space to provide them with the stimulation they need.

Cages come in all different shapes, sizes, designs, and price ranges; meaning there are plenty of options available to suit all types of budgets.

Whether you have time or money constraints, this guide provides an overview of some of the best cages currently available on the market that best meet your gerbil’s needs.

Additionally, it will provide insight into:

  • How much space and what type of space your pet needs for their ultimate health and happiness?
  • Other top tips for keeping them healthy such as diet suggestions, exercise regimes, and the importance of climate control.
Best Gerbil cage

Gerbil Cage (Size & Material)

The home you provide for your gerbil should be adapted to their needs and allow them to lead an enriched life.

When it comes to gerbil cages, size is the most important factor. It is generally recommended that there should be at least 10 gallons of space per gerbil.

If you have two gerbils, the rule is 20 gallons.

When it comes to the material of your cage, there are a few to choose from

wire cages (usually metal; plastic-coated wire cages are also available), glass tanks, and plastic/acrylic habitats.

Wire cages tend to provide more ventilation and opportunities for your gerbil to burrow in their bedding – however, they also make it harder for heat and humidity levels inside the cage to be maintained evenly; this isn’t ideal in colder climates where a glass tank would be better suited.

Tanks made of plastic or acrylic should offer optimum temperature control but can also make cleaning more difficult than with a wire cage as the solid walls require more scraping in order for the surfaces to stay clean.

Most owners prefer a cage that has both a top and bottom which can store food, hay, straw, and other items such as chew toys while allowing easy access at all times.

For new owners, it’s important to bear in mind that whatever type of cage is chosen needs to be very durable as gerbils can easily chew through delicate materials such as plastic and wood panels so that they can explore their home safely!

Lastly, regardless of how big you decide on making your dream habitat

– always remember that bigger doesn’t mean better here: You don’t want too much space because instead of feeling safe in their own burrows surrounded by friends –

your gerbils might end up sleeping away from each other because each one will have plenty of territory and won’t feel as secure together in one area!

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Recommended Gerbil Cages Bedding & Accessories

Gerbils love having plenty of digging and hiding places in their cage, as well as toys and chewing objects to keep them entertained.

As a recommended gerbil cage, it’s important to have the right size and type of bedding for your gerbil, as well as the proper accessories.

Small animal cages come in all shapes and sizes, from simple gerbil cages to more elaborate means of providing your small pet with a home.

The kaytee crittertrail habitat is ideal for small animals like gerbils.

It features two levels connected by a stairway that gives your gerbil plenty of room to explore and climb.

The bottom level has a door for easy access and the top level has wire bars creating more than enough fresh air flow.

This cage also includes food dishes, a water bottle, rampways, and an exercise wheel that provides hours of entertainment for your pet.

The Savic Habitat Cage is another excellent option that’s perfect for keeping your gerbil healthy and happy.

You can choose between the 11-gallon or 19-gallon size tank depending on how much space you have available for them.

Both sizes feature secure lids that give easy access when cleaning it out or filling it with fresh bedding material – plus convenient viewing windows so you can keep an eye on them at all times!

This hamster cage also comes equipped with two levels connected by plastic tubes/tunnels they can tunnel in giving them plenty of activity opportunities each day!

Finally, this tank topper comes with an exercise wheel so each night they will get some additional cardio too!

You’ll find that there are many styles of bedding available when it comes to keeping your gerbils happy; these include shavings made from wood or paper products – either one is fine but make sure not to use any scented products as these might irritate their respiratory systems!

A nest box filled with soft hay or grasses is also important –

This will give them somewhere cozy where they can retreat when resting during the day/night hours.

If you’re looking for something more specialized you could opt for burrowing substrate which provides lots of interesting tunneling opportunities!

Tips and Tricks for Choosing a Good Gerbil Cage

When it comes to choosing the right gerbil cage for your little fluffer, there are a few key elements that you should consider.

These include the size of the cage, type of wire, bedding, and other accessories.

All these pieces come together to create the perfect home for your pet.

When choosing a gerbil cage, size is important.

A smaller cage may be suitable for one or two gerbils but if more are involved, then a larger one is recommended.

The size needed can also be determined by how active your pet will be so make sure to keep that in mind when shopping around.

Wire cages are also important when it comes to selecting the right cage and the type can vary depending on what your pet needs.

Walled cages are best because they provide more security and stability while allowing airflow to keep the cage warm and comfortable.

It’s also important to make sure there aren’t any sharp edges as they can be dangerous or even fatal if ingested by your furry friend!

Bedding is essential for safety, comfort, and hygiene purposes so look for something soft like shredded paper or fleece as these materials won’t contain any sharp edges that could harm your gerbil.

Make sure whatever material you choose does not have small chunks as this can pose a choking hazard!

Additionally, a potty corner should always be provided with fresh bedding every few days to help keep up with cleanliness levels in the enclosure.

If odors become too strong from fecal matter build-up, then disinfectants like bleach should be used sparingly to maintain sanitation levels due to potential health risks.

Finally, it’s important to ensure there are enough toys available for entertainment as well as add-on items like specific food bowls and hiding spaces/dens which promote better health and well-being of these adorable animals!

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Not only do all of these things give them something interesting to experience but also prevent boredom which is common with gerbils since they quickly get used to their environment over time without any change being made regularly.

Setting Up a Gerbil Cage

Creating the perfect environment to house your new furry friend is essential, and having a good enclosure system is at the heart of that.

Setting up a gerbil cage should include bedding, chew toys if needed, tunnels, an exercise wheel, and plenty of places to hide.

Here are some tips for creating the ideal home for your gerbil.

Before setting up your gerbil cage there are some essential items you need: an enclosure made from solid material such as a glass tank or deluxe gerbil cage-topper for two or more gerbils, a water bottle and/or food dish, plus normal bedding.

You also may want to add chew toys and/or other accessories such as tunnels or a “burrow” style house.

  • Be sure to research the best type of bedding for your type of enclosure; some supplies will be given away within the store while others can easily be found online or in pet specialty stores.
  • After deciding on the bedding you will need to place it into the bottom of your cage before introducing your new gerbil and any additional items inside the cage such as food dishes, water bottles, and chew toys.
  • Remember that two gerbils should not be kept in the same cage as this could lead to fighting; instead, purchase a double-sized deluxe gerbil cage-topper that has multiple levels enabling two+ gerbils room to roam without getting too close together.

Chew toys should also be provided since these animals love digging! Ensure that any chew toys used are created with non-toxic materials so as not to upset their delicate stomachs such as cardboard tubes or untreated wooden blocks.

Providing them with plenty of items from which they can dig will help stimulate their natural instinctual behavior while giving them much-needed exercise through playing with these items.

What Are the Best Gerbil Houses?

Ferplast Favola Gerbil Cage

For those seeking to provide the best care for their Gerbil without breaking their budget, the Perplast Favola cage is a great option!

This gerbil cage is the perfect combination of quality and affordability!

This gerbil house has several levels and is ideal for a single gerbil or two. The base of the cage has enough depth to be filled with bedding for creating fun tunnels.

Although this cage is a great choice for many gerbil owners, it falls short in comparison to others due to its relatively small size and shallow base. As such, it may not be the best option when housing larger groups of gerbils.

It is advised to house no more than two gerbils in this cage. If you like to read more about this cage, I have an in-depth review here!


  • This package is all-inclusive and features a ramp, hidey house, food bowl, and water bottle for your GErbil
  • Low price range
  • Removable wheel
  • Secure door latch
  • Multi-level, lots of room for toys


  • The plastic material used for the base may be susceptible to chewing.
  • This enclosure isn’t suitable for more than two gerbils due to its shallow depth


Niteangel Glass Pet Cage

The Niteangel Glass Pet Cage is the perfect way to give your hamster a comfortable and spacious home.

With 33.2 square inches of living space, your hamster will have plenty of room to play and explore.

The front-opening door makes it easy to feed and interact with your hamster, and the air ventilation slits on the top of the cage keep your pet cool and comfortable.

The two door-opening designs also make it easy to access your hamster for playtime or cleaning.

Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Small Animal Home

Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Small Animal Home is a spacious home for your small pet.

The deep tubby creates a comfortable living area, while the tight wire spacing and rounded corners prevent your pet from getting injured.

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The easy-to-use design includes two large entry points, a front door, and a rooftop door, each with a wire latch locking mechanism.

This cage is also designed with snap-on, snap-off mesh panels that are easy to remove for cleaning.

Little Friends Mayfair Gerbilarium Cage

Looking for a way to give your gerbil the perfect living area? Look no further than the Little Friends Mayfair Gerbilarium Cage.

This cage is 8 square feet and recommended by veterinarians and breeders as the perfect size for gerbils.

The durable, leakproof, washable, and easily removable PVC lined canvas bottom allows for easy care and maintenance while providing traction and protection for gerbils sensitive feet.

The 14-inch high sides provide for secure and convenient access to guinea pigs. And, this cage sets up in minutes – no tools are required for assembly!

Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage

The Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage is the perfect way to recreate the natural environment for your gerbil or hamster.

The large lower tank is perfect for your pet to dig tunnels, hide, and build nests. The transparent tank also allows you to watch your pet’s playtime.

The cage includes two wire-level platforms above the tank along with accessories such as a water bottle and feeding bowl.

The upper portion of the cage features a large door to easily access the inside of your cage.

The horizontal wire mesh of the top section ensures extra climbing fun for your pet.

Cavia Habitat Cavia Cage door MidWest

The Cavia Habitat Cavia Cage door MidWest is a great choice for those looking for a safe and secure habitat for their gerbils.

The 14-inch high sides keep your gerbils safe and secure while giving you easy access for playing and cleaning.

The lock-in-place doors double as ramps to allow your gerbil to easily walk in and out of the habitat.

The durable, leakproof, washable, and easily removable PVC-lined canvas bottom allows for easy care and maintenance while providing protection for your gerbil-sensitive feet.

The Guinea Habitat is perfect for keeping your gerbils safe while they explore outside.

Midwest Critterville Arcade Cage

Midwest Critterville Arcade Cage is a fun and interactive way to keep your hamster entertained.

The Arcade Cage has a cool multi-level design that will give your hamster plenty of space to play.

The cage is also modular, which means you can connect it to other Midwest Critterville habitats if you want.

The free accessories that come with the Arcade Cage include an exercise wheel, water bottle, food bowl, nesting nook, and interior play tubes.

The deep base on the Arcade Cage will help contain bedding while the top door provides easy access to your pet. The removable upper cover also makes it easy to clean.

IRIS USA Gerbil Pet Cage

This cage is perfect for small animals such as hamsters, gerbils, and mice. It comes with a wheel, water bottle, and food dish, and it also includes a removable Plastic house.

The dimensions of this cage are 12.99″L x 10.63″ W x 12.20″H, and it has one level for your pet to play in. The cage also has one opening on the top for easy access.

This cage is for all stages of your pet’s life, and it is very cheap compared to other cages on the market. However, it is not very durable and may not last long with heavy use.

GalaPet Gerbil Cage

Looking for a quality gerbil cage that is easy to access and includes plenty of challenge accessories? Look no further than the GalaPet Gerbil Cage.

The cage includes a wooden platform and cozy house, a wooden swing and ladder, a water bottle, and chew string, providing your gerbil with plenty of opportunities to play and explore.

Additionally, the large opening makes it easy to access your pet, while the solid metal wire cage and carrying handle ensure durability and portability.

Finally, the plastic base prevents spills and keeps your home clean. Cage size: 18″ x 12.5″ x 13.5″. Suitable for a dwarf hamster, gerbil, mouse, or other small animals. Order

Kaytee Critter Trail Habitat

The Kaytee Critter Trail Habitat is the perfect home for your small pet.

With an easy-to-assemble design and a removable petting zone, this habitat is easy to clean and provides hours of fun for your furry friend.

The extreme exterior wheel and spiral ramp offer a challenging workout, while the front wire door provides easy access to your pet.