Best Ferplast Favola Gerbil Cage – Review

This cage is a great solution for providing your furry friend with a safe, spacious, and stimulating environment. The cage measures 23.6L x 14.4W x 11.8H inches, making it ideal for 1 or 2 gerbils to play and explore.

It is packed with Purposeful features such as a water bottle, exercise wheel, food dish, and hide-out.

The addition of these features ensures that your gerbil will have access to everything they need to thrive.

Not only that, but the cage also boasts a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, providing you with peace of mind and Security.

About the product

Comes with a Ramp

Just like us, our tiny pets need to exercise too, and what better way than having a ramp for them to use?

This cage comes with an easy-to-assemble plastic ramp that’s ideal for their running needs.

Not only does it provide the furballs hours of entertainment but also ensures they stay in shape!

Your gerbil will not be able to resist playing with this exciting addition!

Fully Equipped – food dish, water bottle, hide away, wheel & port

This has everything your furry friend needs and more including a food dish, water bottle, hideaway den, wheel to keep him active, and even its own port accessible at the side of the cage.

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It is constructed with strong steel bars that last for years while providing ample room for your pet to explore!

With all these features plus a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty included in one package.

Modular Design – Can be connected to other cages

This Modular Design of it means that you can literally connect multiple cages together to create an absolutely huge playground for your little fuzzy friends!

It’s great if you have a few gerbils who can play together, and it ensures they get more exercise without having to make extra trips outside.

Plus, no one likes tripping over gerbil cages in the middle of the living room!

Easy Maintenance – Top panel detaches for easy cleaning

When it comes to gerbil cages, no detail is too small or insignificant.

That’s why this has a top panel that detaches so you can easily make sure your little friend is always living in a clean and comfortable environment.

What’s more, with the one-year manufacturer warranty, you know you’ll be taken care of if anything ever goes wrong!

Large Living Space – Measures 23.6×14.4×11.8 inches

This large gerbil cage gives 1 or 2 gerbils plenty of room to explore and get some fun exercise!

It measures 23.6 inches long, 14.4 wide, and 11.8 high plenty of space for a power-packed Hammy workout session or an afternoon nap in the included hideout cubbyhole.

Plus, it comes with all the extras like a water bottle, food dish, and exercise wheel so you can give your small friend exactly what he needs in terms of quality living standards!

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Review and Score

Our Score: 87/100

The free water bottle, exercise wheel, food dish, and hide-out were all excellent bonuses!

Overall, I would give the cage 87 out of 100 because its quality is superb given its low price point compared to other cages in its category. I would not recommend it If you have more than 2 gerbils.

Additionally, many customer reviews from peers provided me with even more confidence in this product prior to purchase most everyone was singing praises about their experience with this cage!

One individual stated The materials are super durable; heavy gauge plastic should last through multiple cleanings/moves (in case you get lucky and find yourself wishing your pet never dies).

With these rave reviews plus our personal satisfaction since owning one ourselves, there is no question why we think you won’t regret purchasing this if looking for a secure space for your furry friend(s) at an affordable price!


To conclude, this is an excellent choice for providing your little furry friend with a safe and comfortable home.

Its included accessories like a water bottle, exercise wheel, food dish, and Gerbil hide-out as well as being large enough to accommodate most common-sized gerbils easily makes this cage stand out from others in its class.

The 1-year manufacturer’s warranty adds extra peace of mind as well!