16 Best Gerbil Habitat Accessories to Make Your Gerbil’s Cage Perfect

gerbil habitat accessories

Are you looking to make your gerbil’s home more comfortable and fun? Look no further!

We’ve rounded up the best gerbil habitat accessories to keep your furry friend happy and healthy. From exercise wheels to sand baths, we’ve got you covered.

Read on for our top picks and watch your gerbil’s tail wag with excitement.

1. Water Bottle with Sipper Tube

A water bottle with a sipper tube is necessary to keep gerbils hydrated and healthy. These specially-designed bottles prevent spills and leaks, keeping the water clean and fresh.

Regular water bowls can become contaminated with bedding and food, creating a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. It’s important to regularly clean and check the bottle for blockages or leaks.

By providing fresh water in a sipper bottle, gerbils can stay healthy and happy in their cage.

2. Food Dish 

A proper food dish is essential for your gerbil’s health and well-being. It provides a dedicated space for feeding and prevents food from being scattered all over the cage, which can lead to unsanitary conditions.

When choosing a food dish, consider the size and accessibility, making sure it’s big enough to hold sufficient food and easily reachable for your gerbil.

Ceramic dishes are a popular and durable choice that is also easy to clean, but BPA-free and non-toxic plastic dishes can also be suitable. Some dishes come with built-in hay racks for additional feeding options.

Providing a properly sized and accessible food dish is crucial for your gerbil’s health and happiness in their habitat.

3. Hiding Place

Gerbils need a hiding place in their cage to feel secure. As burrowing animals, they naturally seek out places to hide.

Wooden tunnels, cardboard boxes, and coconut shells are some of the hiding places you can offer your gerbils. When choosing a hiding place, consider the size of your gerbil, the size of their cage, and their personality.

It’s important to provide a variety of options, especially if you have multiple gerbils, to prevent territorial disputes.

4. Exercise Wheel for Gerbils 

Gerbils need exercise to maintain their health, and an exercise wheel is a great option.

Gerbils can run up to six miles a day, making a 6-8 inch wheel ideal for most adults. Opt for a solid surface wheel to avoid accidents. Providing your gerbils with a proper exercise wheel helps them stay healthy, happy, and active.

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5. Sand Bath for Gerbils

Sand baths are crucial for gerbil grooming and keeping their fur clean and oil-free.

However, it’s important to choose safe and appropriate sand materials, as some types can cause fatal impaction. Look for fine, dust-free sand with no added chemicals or fragrances.

Setting up and maintaining a sand bath is easy – simply fill a shallow container with sand deep enough for your gerbil to burrow in, and clean and replace the sand regularly. Providing a safe sand bath is an easy way to keep your gerbil healthy and happy.

6. Toys

Toys are a crucial accessory for your gerbil’s cage, providing mental and physical stimulation. There is a wide range of toys available, so it’s essential to choose ones that are safe and suitable for your gerbil’s size.

Popular toy options for gerbils include balls, chew toys, and tunnels. Balls offer exercise and mental stimulation as your gerbil chases and play with them.

Chew toys keep your gerbil’s teeth healthy and prevent boredom, while tunnels provide a fun hiding place for your gerbil to explore. When selecting toys for your gerbil, choose safe materials and the right size for your pet.

7. Exercise Ball 

Exercise balls are a great way to promote physical activity and mental stimulation in gerbils. These small, furry creatures love to run and play in their cages, and exercise balls provide them with an opportunity to explore the outside world while staying safe indoors.

When selecting an exercise ball for your gerbil, make sure to choose one that is appropriately sized for your pet and made from safe, non-toxic materials.

Always supervise your gerbil while they are using the ball, as they can easily become trapped or injured if not properly supervised.

With consistent use and proper supervision, exercise balls can be a fun and healthy addition to your gerbil’s daily routine. 

8. Playpen

A playpen is another great accessory to give your gerbil the space they need to play and explore while still keeping them safe.

Playpens come in a variety of sizes and materials, so it’s important to choose one that is appropriate for your gerbil’s size and needs.

Look for playpens made from safe materials that won’t harm your gerbil, and make sure that the playpen is large enough to give your gerbil room to move around and play.

Once you have your playpen, it’s important to set it up properly to ensure your gerbil’s safety. Make sure the playpen is secure and that your gerbil can’t escape or get injured.

You can also add toys and other accessories to the playpen to make it more fun and stimulating for your gerbil.

9. Hanging Hammock

A hanging hammock is a great accessory for gerbils, providing them with a cozy and entertaining place to rest and play.

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You can attach it to the roof or side of the cage with hooks, making sure it’s made from safe materials and appropriate in size for your pet gerbil.

Whether you’re looking to make a DIY hammock or find one in a pet supply store, it’s important to ensure that it’s suitable for gerbils and compatible with almost all cages.

By providing your gerbil with a fun hideout like a hanging hammock, you’ll keep them happy and entertained while also adding to the overall design of their cage.

10. Climbing Ladder

A climbing ladder is a great addition to a gerbil’s habitat, providing them with an engaging and entertaining way to explore and exercise.

When choosing a climbing ladder, make sure to select one that is sturdy and made from safe materials to avoid any accidents or injuries.

You can easily find a suitable ladder among the range of gerbil products and accessories available on the market.

11. Wooden Chew Toys

Providing safe chew toys for gerbils is essential to maintain their dental health and prevent boredom. Choose wooden chew toys that are free from toxic chemicals and are the right size for your gerbil.

These gerbil products are widely available.

Adding wooden chew toys to your gerbil’s cage is a great way to keep them healthy and happy.

12. Wooden Houses

Wooden houses are a great addition to any gerbil cage, providing a natural and cozy shelter for your pet to sleep and play in.

When selecting a wooden house, make sure it is made from safe materials and is appropriately sized for your gerbil. You should also ensure that it has enough ventilation to keep your gerbil comfortable and healthy and that it is easy to clean.

Wooden houses are a popular accessory in the range of gerbil products available, and you can easily find them in pet supply stores or online.

Adding a wooden house to your gerbil’s habitat is a great way to provide them with a comfortable and secure space to call their own.

13. Snuggle Sack

A snuggle sack is a must-have accessory for any gerbil cage. It provides a soft, cozy spot for your gerbil to rest and sleep in, keeping them warm and comfortable. When choosing a snuggle sack, make sure to select one made from safe materials that are easy to clean. Gerbils love to burrow and hide, so a snuggle sack is a perfect addition to their bedding area.

Consider adding multiple snuggle sacks to your gerbil’s cage so they can choose where they want to sleep and rest. With a snuggle sack, your gerbil will be happy, healthy, and content.

13. Climbing Wall

A climbing wall is a fantastic accessory for gerbils to exercise and explore their habitat.

Made from sturdy, safe materials, it provides a challenging and fun way for your pet to stay active. Ensure that the climbing wall is appropriately sized for your gerbil and won’t bend or break easily.

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Adding a climbing wall to your gerbil’s cage can provide both physical and mental stimulation, keeping your furry friend healthy and happy.

Don’t forget to regularly clean and maintain the climbing wall for optimal use.

14. Rope Bridge

A rope bridge is a fun and exciting addition to your gerbil’s habitat, providing a unique way for them to move around and explore.

When choosing a rope bridge, make sure it’s made from safe materials and is appropriately sized for your gerbil. This accessory is a great way to add some variety to your gerbil cage and keep them entertained.

Don’t forget to regularly check the bridge for any signs of wear and tear, and replace it if needed..

15. Tube Maze

A tube maze is a fun and stimulating way for your gerbil to exercise and explore their habitat.

It’s important to choose a maze made from safe materials that is appropriately sized for your gerbil and provides enough ventilation.

Tube mazes are a great addition to any gerbil cage, so be sure to check with your local pet store or online retailer for suitable options.

16. Platform

A platform is a great accessory for your gerbil’s cage, providing them with a raised surface to climb and play on, as well as a lookout spot.

When choosing a platform, make sure it is made from sturdy and safe materials and is appropriately sized for your gerbil.

It’s important to choose accessories that are safe and suitable for your gerbil’s needs and size.

With the right gerbil products and accessories, such as bedding, toys, and hiding spots, you can create a fun and comfortable habitat for your furry friend.

Don’t forget to check out different pet supply stores to find the best gerbil products and accessories to add to your gerbil’s cage.


Providing a comfortable and stimulating environment for your gerbil is essential for their overall well-being.

The best gerbil habitat accessories include a water bottle with a sipper tube, food dish, hiding place, exercise wheel, sand bath, toys, exercise ball, and playpen.

Hanging hammocks, climbing ladders, wooden chew toys, wooden houses, snuggle sacks, climbing walls, bridges, rope bridges, tube mazes, and platforms are great options for providing mental and physical stimulation.

When choosing accessories, always prioritize safety and ensure that they are appropriate for your gerbil’s size and needs.

Regularly cleaning and maintaining your gerbil’s habitat is also crucial to provide them with a comfortable and safe living environment.

You can find a variety of gerbil products and supplies at your local pet store or online. Whether you prefer to make your own DIY gerbil accessories or want to find the perfect design, there are many options to choose from.

In conclusion, by providing the right accessories, you can create a perfect habitat that promotes your gerbil’s health and happiness.

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