Can Gerbils Eat Meat? Solved!

When you have a gerbil for a pet, it’s important for you to know how to raise it. That not only includes setting up your gerbil’s gerbilarium but also what to feed your gerbil throughout the day. A gerbil’s diet can be pretty high-maintenance; in a sense, they can’t eat just anything.

They require specific food to have a healthy digestive system. Gerbils are known to get sick immediately if they consume something that doesn’t suit their stomach. Hence, to avoid having an ill gerbil at hand, it’s best if you’re careful with feeding them.

So, what can they eat? Can they eat something as common as meat? Let’s find out.

Can Gerbils Eat Meat?

Yes, Gerbils can eat meat. Technically, they can as there’s nothing wrong with eating meat. However, it’s best not to give your gerbil any due to their tiny frameworks and sensitive digestive systems. While they might get plenty of magnesium and iron through the meat, the fat present on them will be too much for them to handle.

Please avoid feeding your gerbil meat of any kind, especially raw meat. Gerbils can eat uncooked pasta, but that doesn’t mean they can digest anything raw. Raw meat, specifically, has plenty of bacteria present on it, which makes it pretty harmful for a gerbil.

Even if you ever feed your gerbil meat (try not to), ensure it’s the smallest amount. Just give them as little as a teaspoon of cooked meat (not raw), and see how their bodies respond to it. Some gerbils consume meat but only those who are of a certain age.

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However, to ensure your gerbil remains healthy and strong, feed them clean foods that aren’t preserved or too heavy to digest. You’ll have to put some effort into researching what your gerbil can eat, but it’s all worth it.

Can Your Gerbil Eat Meat?

Can Gerbils Eat Bacon?

We wouldn’t recommend you to feed your gerbil bacon. Bacon is meat, just like ham and pork, and gerbils don’t do well with meat in general. Meats are intensely loaded with fat, making them unhealthy for gerbils. The high fats are difficult for a gerbil to digest, and more often than not, they fall sick.

Any foods containing too much fat aren’t suitable for your gerbil’s diet. A gerbil’s diet is pretty delicate, which is why you’ll have to ensure you don’t feed them anything that makes them sick. That’s the thing with raising gerbils: everything related to them requires plenty of research if you want to raise them well.

Since your gerbil wouldn’t digest heavy foods such as meat, you can always feed them fresh foods, such as fruits and vegetables. Another thing to know about gerbils is they don’t consume foods in huge amounts. So, whatever you feed them has to be in small doses.

For example, if you feed them cooked chicken, give them a teaspoon of it. If your gerbil’s still hungry, they’ll let you know in some way, and you can feed them more.

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Are Gerbils Omnivores?

Gerbils are considered to be omnivores, which means that they are able to digest both plant and animal material. However, they typically eat mostly plants, with small amounts of insects or other animals. This diet allows them to thrive in a variety of environments, from the desert to the forest.

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Even though gerbils are considered omnivores, they should not be fed large amounts of animal protein. There is debate as to whether or not small amounts of meat and insects added into their diet will cause any long-term health problems for the gerbil, but it’s best to avoid it if possible.

Meat-based proteins are missing certain essential amino acids, which means the gerbil must make them up by eating another protein source. If he does not get enough of these essential amino acids in his diet, then it could lead to health issues like poor fur quality and lack of energy.

Large amounts of meat and other high-protein foods like eggs and dairy products should be avoided. They can lead to obesity, as well as other health issues that will shorten your gerbils life.

Small amounts of fruit should be given as a part of their diet. Fruit contains natural sugars and should make up only a small part of the diet, as too much sugar can be harmful to gerbils and cause diabetes-like symptoms. Fruit is high in fiber and antioxidants, so it can be useful for helping to prevent or manage certain diseases if fed sparingly.

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So, can gerbils eat meat? The answer is yes – they are omnivores and can digest a variety of things. However, we don’t recommend feeding them bacon or other processed meats, as these could be harmful to their health. Instead, stick to giving them fresh fruits and vegetables, along with some high-quality hay and pellets. With the right diet, your gerbil will stay healthy and happy for years to come!