Do Gerbils Have Good Memory?

Gerbils are fascinating creatures. They are native to the deserts of Africa and Asia and have been kept as pets for centuries. Gerbils are known for their playfulness and intelligence, and they make great companions. But do they have good memories?

Yes, gerbils seem to have a good memory. While more research is necessary there is evidence the gerbils can learn things and remember their owners. But, don’t forget that their memory works a bit differently than with us humans.

What kind of things can a gerbil remember?

While our memory is mostly linear, a gerbil’s memory is more associative. This means they remember things by connecting them to other things or experiences.

For example, if you move your gerbil’s food dish to a new location, they will likely remember this and be able to find the food dish in the new location.

Gerbils also have a good memory for people. If you have been kind to your gerbil and treated them well, they will remember this and be more likely to trust you.

On the other hand, if you have been mean to your gerbil, they will also remember this and may be less likely to trust you in the future.

Here is a short summary/list of what gerbils can remember.

  • remembering gerbil cagemates
  • Learning tricks
  • knowing their names
  • remembering if you’re unfriendly to them
  • recognizing the scent and voices of humans very easily
  • being unable to be taught things like coming when you call
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do gerbils have good memory

How long is a gerbil’s memory span?

The memory span of a gerbil is not well understood, as research on this topic is relatively sparse.

Some studies have suggested that gerbils may have a relatively long memory span, possibly ranging from several months to several years.

This is likely due to the fact that gerbils have well-developed brains, which are vital for storing information and processing it over time.

In addition, there is evidence to suggest that gerbils may have sophisticated learning and memory skills, which allow them to quickly retain new information and make decisions based on previous knowledge.

Overall, it seems likely that gerbils have a relatively long memory span compared to other small rodents such as mice or hamsters.

Nevertheless, further research into the complex psychology of gerbils remains an important area of study for researchers in animal behavior.

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Do gerbils have a good memory or only instinctive memory?

Gerbils are often lauded for their intelligence and memory. They have been known to remember tricks and tasks that they have been taught, and they are also able to recognize individual humans.

It is not entirely clear whether gerbils have a good memory or only an instinctive memory. On the one hand, gerbils appear to be able to store information in their long-term memory.

For example, they can remember the location of food resources and the layout of their territory. On the other hand, some researchers believe that gerbils only have short-term memory.

They argue that gerbils rely heavily on their sense of smell to find food and navigate their surroundings. As a result, they may only remember information for as long as it is relevant to their current needs.

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More research is needed to determine whether gerbils have a good memory or only an instinctive memory.

What is the difference between memory and instinctive memory?

At their core, gerbils are incredibly intelligent animals that rely on a combination of recall and instinctive memories to navigate their worlds.

Recall memory goes beyond what is immediately available to an animal in the present moment and draws on past experiences to help it make decisions about the future.

In contrast, our instinctive memories give us automatic impulses and responses in moments of perceived danger or excitement.

On one hand, recall memory plays an important role in helping gerbils navigate their environment successfully.

For example, they use this type of memory when looking for food or water sources, because they need to be able to keep track of where particular items are located relative to each other and themselves.

Another key function of recall memory is that it helps gerbils build stronger connections between cues and responses.

This enables them to integrate new information into their existing set of associations more quickly and effectively than if they were limited only to instincts.

On the other hand, instinctive memories are also important for gerbils.

For example, when faced with a predator or another perceived threat in the wild, an instinctual response helps these animals react quickly and effectively without having to think through every possible scenario.

In situations like these, instinctive memories can play a vital role in helping gerbils stay alive.

In conclusion, both types of memory are important for gerbils. Recall memory helps them navigate their environment and build stronger connections between cues and responses.

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Instinctive memories, meanwhile, give them the ability to react quickly and effectively in moments of perceived danger or excitement.


Memory is an interesting and complex thing, especially when it comes to animals.

While we have seen that gerbils do seem to be able to learn and remember things, including their owners, it’s important to keep in mind that their memory works a bit differently than ours does.

More research is necessary in order to get a better understanding of how exactly gerbils remember things.