Can Gerbils Eat Watermelon? (What about their seeds?)

If you’ve ever been asked the question, can gerbils eat watermelon? then this article is for you. In fact, it is aimed at those who need to know how to care for a gerbil and what they should feed them. Get ready to learn all about these cute animals and their diet!

Can gerbils eat watermelon?

Fresh and dried watermelons are acceptable for gerbils as a special occasion treat. Because of the high amount of water in fresh watermelons, they should be offered in little pieces. You may also offer tiny dried or dehydrated watermelon chunks that include all nutrients but only a small amount of liquid.

let your gerbil try a small piece of watermelon to be sure she or he likes it before offering more. some gerbils love watermelon and others don’t like it at all.

gerbils can eat both the pink and yellow flesh of the fruit. they’re healthy treats, but remember that they should only make up a small part of your gerbil’s diet!

watermelon is about 92% water, so it should be eaten in moderation. the fruit contains vitamins A and C, potassium, and magnesium.

watermelon can also help prevent kidney stones in gerbils!

CAn gerbils eat watermelon

Can Gerbils eat watermelon seeds?

Gerbils can eat watermelon seeds, but they are best if they are still attached to the rind after cutting up the fruit. The seeds are high in healthy fats. If you wish to eat them yourself, you should remove them before feeding them to your gerbil.

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Can Gerbils eat watermelon rinds?

Although most of the nutrients are in the flesh, it is possible for a gerbil to eat the rind. However, even though they may be tempted by this juicy treat, it’s highly suggested that you keep them away from the watermelon rind because it can cause intestinal problems, such as diarrhea.

How to feed your little gerbils Watermelon?

Fresh watermelons

The most typical method of providing watermelon to gerbils is to use fresh watermelons. It’s suggested you give your gerbils seedless watermelons. You’ll need to make sure that the watermelon chunks are placed on a food bow or on a platform where your gerbils can reach them.

Dried watermelons

can be fed to gerbils, but it is not recommended. Dried watermelon contains high amounts of sugar and will cause the gerbil to put on excess weight if eaten regularly. A few pieces of dried watermelon at a time once in a while should be fine.

Frozen watermelons

If you happen to have frozen watermelons, let the chunks defrost at room temperature for about 3 hours. Once the watermelon becomes soft and moist, place it in a food bowl

How much watermelon can you give your gerbil?

Give your gerbil just a tiny amount of watermelon, it’s a treat, not a meal. And because of the high water content in watermelon, it should be given in small pieces. If your gerbil gets too much at once, he or she may end up with diarrhea!

Need more specifics? A dime-sized amount should be more than enough.

How often should you give your gerbil watermelon?

Once a week should be plenty. You don’t want to cut out fresh fruits from your gerbil’s diet, but at the same time, their diet should consist of a wide range of foods.

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Final Words

Can gerbils eat watermelon? Yes, but only as a snack in small pieces. They should also be thoroughly washed if you plan on feeding them the rinds. Watermelon is a healthy snack for gerbils, but it also contains lots of water and can cause diarrhea if given in large amounts. Make sure to read the article again before feeding your pet some watermelon!