Do Gerbils Fart? Smell, Noise, and More Interesting Facts!

Pets produce a lot of strange noises, and it’s sometimes hard to decipher their behavior. If you notice a strange toot coming out of your gerbil’s habitat, you may be wondering, did your pet just fart?

Like almost all mammals, gerbils can and do fart because of the way that their digestive system works. However, gerbils do not fart very often, and excessive gas could be a sign that your gerbil is having some stomach problems.

If you ever wanted to know the intricacies of the gerbil digestive system, the rest of the article will answer your questions. You will also find more information about common digestive problems to look out for.

Why Do Gerbils Fart?

Do gerbils fart?

As you can probably expect, scientists have not exactly devoted a lot of time and attention to investigating if gerbils get gassy or not.

However, gerbil owners are consistent in saying that their gerbils experience gas sometimes, so don’t be surprised if you hear a toot coming from your gerbil’s cage.

Almost all mammals (with some exceptions such as sloths) fart as a byproduct of the way the digestive system works. When microbes in a mammal’s stomach break down food, they release gases such as methane, which the body expels in the form of a fart.

Farting is particularly common among plant-eating animals such as gerbils. However, since gerbils are so small, their farts usually aren’t very loud.

Since they do not eat as much hard-to-digest plant matter as cows (whose farts are actually bad for the environment), gerbils do not fart that often either.

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Is It Concerning If a Gerbil Farts Too Much?

Gerbil farts are so rare (or inaudible) that it is a frequent question among owners if they pass gas at all. However, if you notice your pet tooting away, it might be a sign that something is up.

Sometimes, helping your gerbil feel less gassy is as easy as changing up their diet.

Veterinarians recommend against feeding gerbils broccoli and cauliflower, as those are vegetables that are gas-forming.

If you’re hearing strange digestive sounds from your gerbil’s habitat, make sure that it is eating and pooping normally.

Diarrhea, sometimes accompanied by excess gas, is a common symptom of many frequent digestive issues gerbils run into, such as parasites and salmonellosis.

Check for other symptoms such as bloating, dehydration, and changes in behavior such as a loss of appetite.

If you notice those symptoms, take your gerbil to the veterinarian immediately.

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Final Thoughts

You may not have thought about if gerbils can fart unless you notice strange behavior and noises coming from your pet’s habitat (or encountered the questions of a curious child).

Gerbils, like most mammals, can fart. However, because they are so small, you usually won’t hear or smell their bodies expelling gas.

If you notice your gerbil farting, that might be a sign its diet is giving it gas.

Make sure that you are feeding it a good mix of vegetables and rodent pellets and avoiding foods that cause gas.