Best Gerbil-Friendly Activities to Keep Your Pet Active

If you are the proud owner of a gerbil, you want to make sure it gets plenty of enriching experiences. Outdoor activities give your gerbil the opportunity to explore the outside world with plenty of things to do and see.

If you are looking for ideas to keep your gerbil entertained, here are some outdoor activities that are sure to provide your pet with hours of entertainment.

Create a gerbil obstacle course

Gerbil obstacle courses are a fun way to provide your gerbil with enrichment and exercise. An obstacle course can give them an opportunity to explore, play and hide while giving you a chance to observe their behavior.

To get started, create a flat surface in your outdoor living space that is easy for gerbils to move around on. Then, gather the following items:

  • -Cardboard boxes
  • -Rocks or gravel
  • -Empty mason jars
  • -Blocks of wood
  • -Tree stems or branches
  • -Paper towel rolls
  • -Toilet paper rolls
  • -Scrap fabrics or rags

Create your course by laying out various materials such as tunnels, ramps, bridges, or even small “islands” they can jump from. Place the hardest items (rocks, wood blocks) at the bottom with softer materials (fabric scraps, paper towel rolls) on top for cushioning.

Be sure to position items so that your gerbil cannot become stuck between two pieces of the course. As an extra step, you can use different colored markers to create a path for your pet through the course.

Be sure to change out obstacles every couple of weeks so that they can experience something new in their environment.

gerbil friendly activities

Take your gerbil for a walk

Taking your gerbil for a walk is one of the most fun and rewarding outdoor activities! This activity not only benefits you and your gerbil, it also gives both of you ample opportunity to exercise in the great outdoors.

As with any outdoor adventure, there are some important considerations to keep in mind before taking your gerbil outside.

First, be sure your gerbil is used to being handled by you. It’s important that they are comfortable in your hands so they don’t become distressed or panicky while walking outdoors.

If possible, allow your gerbil to “acclimatize” (be accustomed) to being outside first – start by leaving the cage or enclosure near an open window for an hour at a time, then increase this as necessary until it is used to being outside.

If your pet has been inside all its life, it may take a few days or weeks for them to adjust to the outdoor environment and temperature fluctuations.

When taking a walk with your gerbil, make sure that their home or enclosures are secured properly so that their scent will not attract predators in their absence.

Make sure they are on a secure leash as well so never let them roam freely outdoors; this can pose many dangers such as running into traffic or getting picked up by birds of prey who think they might make an easy meal!

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Don’t forget sun protection – provide appropriate clothing and sunscreen if needed – just like us humans! Have fun exploring nature together while engaging them in activities such as searching for new textures and scents; the experience should be both educational and entertaining!

Explore nature with your gerbil

Exploring nature with your pet gerbil can be a great way to get them out of their cage and have some fun. Before you go, be sure to plan safe activities that are tailored to both your gerbil’s needs and your own so that you all have an enjoyable venture.

Here are some of the best outdoor activities that you can do with your furry friend.

-Gerbil Yoga: Have your gerbil join in on a relaxing yoga session with you! Choose simple postures like downward dog or simple stretching exercises that let your gerbil take part in the activity while also enjoying nature’s beauty.

-Giant Galore: Look for giant logs – the bigger, the better! You can roll the log between two friends or use it as venue for an obstacle course (using pebbles and stones).

Your gerbil will have a blast navigating through these larger than life objects!

-Grub Digging: While you’re out exploring nature, stop by an Ant Kingdom and marvel at the different types ofants. Show your gerbils all the different types of ant colonies, explaining what they do and how they work together!

Afterward, dig small tunnels in search for grubs –an added bonus is that it helps aerate the soil around it.

-Treasure Hunt: Bring along trinkets like small stones or pine cones to hide around as if they were treasure chests! Then bring out a few curious friends and see if they can sniff them out.

It’s an excellent opportunity to see how observant and agile they are while learning about their natural environment!

Indoor Activities

Indoor activities can be a great way to give your gerbil some mental stimulation and keep them active. It’s important to provide your pet with activities that are suited to their needs, so they can have fun while staying safe.

In this article, we will look at some indoor activities that your gerbil will love. From enrichment toys to providing them with opportunities to explore, there are plenty of creative ways to keep your gerbil entertained.

Let’s dive in and explore some of the indoor activities that will keep your gerbil happy.

Create a gerbil maze

Creating a gerbil maze is an excellent activity to keep your pet entertained and will stimulate their minds. With just a few common household materials, you can make a fun gerbil maze that your furry friend will enjoy exploring.

You will need: -Cardboard or recycled plastic container with at least 3 sides -Masking tape -Scissors or X-Acto knife -Hamster/gerbil food pellets or sunflower seeds


1. Cut the cardboard or plastic container, making sure to leave three side walls in place and that the shape of the maze is large enough for your gerbil to move around in and get stuck in it!

2. Design the maze: use masking tape to create tunnels and walls, or use scissors or an X-Acto knife to notch out different areas for pathways as well as potential dead ends. If possible, place hills and tunnels inside the maze for extra fun.

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3. Place bits of food along some pathways and choose an entry point for your gerbil – you may need to guide them to the start of the maze if they are scared! Then let them have free rein in the maze, trying to find all the hidden treats you have placed within it!

With regular playtime with their human companions and opportunities like this amazing game, your pet gerbils will be happy, healthy, and full of life!

Hide treats around the house

Hide treats around the house is a fun and rewarding indoor activity that you can do with your gerbil. Not only can it stimulate their natural foraging behavior but it will also reward them for exploring a new environment.

You can use things that are safe for consumption such as small pieces of dry fruits and vegetables, commercially available gerbil treats, or even rolled oats or rice cakes as these options are inexpensive and easy to source.

When hiding the treats, try to create an interesting environment for your gerbil to explore. Place the treat inside a cardboard tube or hide it under some thin sticks.

If you want your pet to exercise its agility, take a small container and poke holes in it just big enough so that the treat falls out when the gerbil tips it over or moves the container around.

If you don’t want to use containers, tie some thin string between furniture legs or curtain poles, attaching tasty treats at regular intervals along its length – watch your gerbil balance its way along!

Remember not to forget where you have placed each treat- as there should always be an accessible exit route so that your pet does not get lost when exploring new territory!

Play hide-and-seek with your gerbil

Hide-and-seek is a fun game that you can play with your gerbil. First, take an empty cereal box and put it in your gerbil’s cage or enclosure. Then make sure to put your gerbil somewhere safe away from the cage before playing.

You can inspect the inside of the cage for them, or pour some bedding into a small cardboard tube and keep your eye on where he scurries off to.

When you are ready, set yourself up in a strategic spot and call out your gerbil’s name as he hides from you. Then have some patience and give him some time to come out of hiding when it feels safe for him.

If he does not hear you after a short while, then it is best to give him more time; if not, he may become scared or stressed if you rush him out of his cover too quickly!

Once found, reward your gerbil with a treat or affection and start over again!

Other Activities

Having a gerbil is a great way to keep yourself or your children entertained and it is also a great way to teach responsibility.

Aside from the obvious gerbil-friendly activities such as running through a gerbil wheel, playing with tunnels and mazes, and setting up obstacle courses, there are other activities that you can do with your gerbil.

In this section, we will discuss some of the outdoor and indoor activities that you can do with your gerbil.

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Create a gerbil fort

Creating a gerbil fort can be a fun way to provide your gerbil with an entertaining activity that it can explore and hide in.

You can make the fort out of cardboard boxes, cardboard tubes, or any other material that’s safe for your gerbil. Place treats inside the fort or around it in order to encourage exploration.

To create an even more interesting experience, you can add many different objects such as ramps, tubes, tunnels, and other items that your pet can use.

Be sure to monitor your furry friend while it plays so you can keep an eye out for any potential hazards or unsafe play materials. It’s also a good idea to rotate the toys on occasion so there’s always something new and exciting for them to check out!

Teach your gerbil tricks

When it comes to teaching your gerbil tricks, they surprise you with just how smart they are. They can be trained to do a range of tricks and activities, such as running through tubes, playing “hide and seek” or even doing back flips.

In order to encourage your gerbil, be sure to have treats on hand, and don’t forget to praise them when they do something right!

Before you start teaching tricks make sure you understand gerbils’ predator’s reflexes, then demonstrate the trick by using their toys as an example of what you want them to do.

When teaching them a new trick or activity, go slowly – take things at a pace that suits your gerbil.

Some good activities for teaching your gerbil tricks include:

Roll over

Show your gerbil how to roll over by lying low on the floor and encouraging them with treats.

As they become more used to the trick allow them enough freedom of movement so that the rolls can become larger and more coordinated.

Push ball

Start off by placing a ball in front of the toy for your gerbil so that it can see what it needs to do.

Then put his hands up lightly against it and give him/her verbal encouragement or award treats/praise when maneuvering it correctly.

Nose target

You can use a carrot or similar treat that has been cut into small pieces and gently place one piece in between index finger knuckle and thumb knuckle, then move towards its nose until he gets it – this will draw his attention allowing him/her the opportunity practice targeting objects with its nose rather than its hands.

Have a gerbil party

If you have multiple gerbils, why not treat them to a gerbil party? These furry friends love to interact with one another, so it’s a great opportunity to give them some entertainment and let them socialize.

Start by placing some food in the center of the tank, such as mealworms, raisins and nuts. Next, create a little obstacle course using things like tunnels and rocks. Finally, place two chew toys — such as a wooden block — into their habitat for even more fun interactive activities.

When all is ready, simply open the lid and enjoy watching your gerbils explore their new play area!

Monitor to make sure the party doesn’t get too lively; if the gerbils start biting each other or fighting over food or toys, end the party early to keep them safe and happy.