Can Your Gerbil Eat Almonds?

If you’ve recently become proud parents to a gerbil, you should know it’s going to take plenty of work. It may not be as challenging as raising a child, but gerbils come with their set of demands that you must cater to. Gerbils are pretty high-maintenance animals that require plenty of care and attention.

Their gerbilarium has to be perfect, their meals cannot be compromised at all, and you must set up a space for them where they can actively run around. Speaking of your gerbil’s diet, what are you feeding them? Do you know what’s safe for them and what’s not? Can they eat regular human food?

Let’s see what your gerbil can eat and what they cannot.

Can Your Gerbil Eat Almonds?

No, your gerbils cannot eat almonds. While almonds carry reasonable amounts of fat and protein, they aren’t suitable for a gerbil’s diet. Almonds have plenty of copper and manganese within them, which aren’t the most beneficial for your gerbil. Hence, it’s best to steer clear of almonds.

Also, the fat present in almonds can make your gerbil gain weight, which can cause further problems. The weight gain isn’t ideal as obesity can make your gerbil lazy and weak, depriving them of any physical activity. Another reason you shouldn’t feed your gerbil almonds is that they’re hard substances.

The hard outer shell of almonds can damage your gerbil’s teeth. Gerbils are already pretty fragile animals; you don’t want to give them foods that can be detrimental for them in any way. The good news is you can substitute almonds with any other tasty snack that your gerbil can surely enjoy.

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As for almonds, we’d suggest you make your gerbils stay away from almonds as much as possible. Since almonds aren’t the best nuts for your gerbil, you should look into nuts that are.

Can gerbils eat almonds

What Nuts Are Safe for Gerbils?

Peanuts are the best choice to go for if you’re looking for safe nuts to feed your gerbil. The best part about feeding your gerbil a handful of peanuts is that they’re size. Peanuts are relatively tiny compared to other nuts, making them ideal for your gerbil to digest.

Another reason why peanuts are a safe option is because of their shells. Peanuts’ shells make for the perfect chew toys for your gerbil since their material isn’t hard to crack. You can also monitor the portion size of the peanuts you feed your gerbil as the size makes it so easy.

However, peanuts also carry reasonable amounts of protein and fat. While protein may do your gerbil good, fat won’t. The latter will make your gerbils gain substantial weight, which can cause problems like stroke, increased blood pressure, breathlessness, and immobility.

These don’t sound like things you want your gerbil to have, right? However, if you want to feed peanuts to your gerbil, do so in moderate amounts and not too excessively. As long as you’re monitoring your gerbil’s portions, you shouldn’t experience any problems with your gerbil.

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Gerbils cannot eat almonds as they contain copper and manganese, which are not beneficial for them. Peanuts, on the other hand, are a safe nut to give to your gerbil as they are small and digestible. Feeding your gerbil a handful of peanuts every day can provide them with the protein and fat they need to stay healthy. The almond shell is hard to crack for a gerbil. Peanuts, on the other hand, are easy for them