Can Your Gerbil Eat Ham? Solved!

gerbil’s diet can be tricky. Gerbils don’t normally eat what other animals usually do, which is why you have to be extra careful when you’re giving them food. You may be surprised to know, but gerbils actually have a pretty sensitive digestive system, making them prone to fall ill easily.

The best way to ensure your gerbil doesn’t get sick is to research their food preferences. You should know the foods they can digest and those they cannot. Gerbil parents often get overwhelmed regarding their diet as there are many no-nos.

So, does that include ham? If yes, what else can you feed them? Let’s find out.

Can Your Gerbil Eat Ham?

Ham is meat, and gerbils don’t do well with meat. So, no, your gerbil can most certainly not eat meat. If you feed them meat, the chances of your gerbil falling sick are strong. Since every gerbil parent wants to avoid taking their furry friend to the vet frequently, you should keep them away from meat, such as ham.

Another reason to avoid feeding your gerbil ham is that it contains plenty of fat. Gerbils have a relatively sensitive digestive system which prevents them from eating heavy foods, such as meat. Ham, in particular, is red meat that can cause gerbils to develop tumors if fed excessively.

Although research on it is pretty slim at the moment; however, since such news is up in the air, it’s best to avoid giving your gerbil ham to stay on the safe side. If you want to give them ham, feed them in extremely small portions so they don’t end up consuming so much. Doing this can ensure your gerbil’s good health.

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Also, another benefit of feeding them in a few portions is that it allows you to study or observe your gerbil’s reaction to ham. If they don’t fall sick after having the small portion, you’re good to go.

can gerbils eat ham

Can gerbils eat pork?

Gerbils should not eat pork. Pork is a type of meat that comes from pigs, and it is not healthy for gerbils to consume. Pork can contain harmful bacteria and toxins that can make gerbils sick.

Therefore, it is best to avoid feeding your gerbil pork products. fats from pork can cause health complications, such as obesity and high cholesterol. If you still choose to feed your gerbil some foods from the pork family, make sure you completely cook it first.

This is to ensure that harmful bacteria does not remain on the meat after cooking, which could harm your pet’s health if ingested later. Pork should be eaten in moderation because it contains high amounts of saturated fats.

Fatty acids are essential for the body to function properly, but too much fat can lead to health issues like hyperlipidemia (a medical term used to describe excessive levels.

What to Feed Them Instead of Ham?

There are plenty of other foods you can feed our gerbil if you want to avoid feeding them ham. For starters, give your gerbil some chicken. Chicken is pretty good for them as long as it’s cooked all the way through (either boiled or steamed) and isn’t preserved for long.

Other than chicken, you can also feed your gerbil lots of wheat. Gerbils love wheat and wheat-infused foods. Such foods include loaves of bread, sugarless cereals, and organic pasta. However, we must give you a word of caution: do not feed your gerbil cooked pasta. Eating pasta will make your gerbil start retaining excessive moisture, which isn’t good for your gerbil’s health.

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Just because your gerbil can’t eat ham doesn’t mean you have to deprive them of other foods. You have an array of wide-ranging foods that include fresh fruits and vegetables. As long as you monitor the portion control, your gerbil should be in good shape.

Fresh and organic foods suit gerbils pretty well, which is why you should incorporate them into your gerbil’s diet and stop worrying about feeding them heavy red meat such as ham.

Can Gerbils Eat Spicy Food?


Ham may not be the best food for your gerbil. In fact, pork, in general, may not be the best diet for these small rodents. So what should you feed them? Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables will do the trick.

Make sure to give them a variety of different things to eat, as this will help keep their diet healthy and interesting. Have you been feeding your gerbil ham? Try something else instead!