Can Your Gerbil Eat Honey? Solved!

You may think to yourself, “Gerbils are the cutest animals. How hard can it be to raise them?” Well, as it turns out, very. They’re not easy animals to raise. There’s a lot to handle when you’re dealing with a tiny, fluffy gerbil. They’re relatively sensitive creatures who easily fall sick and without fail.

Hence, when you’ve become proud parents to a sweet little gerbil, you need to work round the clock to ensure you don’t feed them anything that harms their digestive system. Their tiny digestive system cannot handle every food, which is why plenty of care and attention goes into preparing your gerbil’s meals.

Can Gerbils Eat Honey?

Unfortunately, no. Gerbils can most definitely not eat honey. It isn’t just about your gerbil prefers; it’s about what suits them. Gerbils have tiny tummies that aren’t meant to digest too sweet foods. Giving them honey can probably make them sick and nauseous, and some might even get stomach pains.

Honey is extracted from honeybees, who produce honey through their nectar – the sugary liquid collected from the flowers’ hearts. Another type of honey comes from pollen; they are the tiny grains found in flowers.

Nectar and pollen contain plenty of natural sugar, making honey sweet. Honey is a pretty common ingredient found in most households; some animals can also consume it, but not your gerbil. Gerbils don’t fare well with foods that are way too sweet for their liking.

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Honey isn’t suitable for gerbils because it might damage their teeth as gerbils don’t have much strength in them. Hence, gerbils can break their teeth or get an infection when using their teeth to dig into sugary treats. Therefore, we won’t recommend that you give your gerbil some honey as a sugary treat.

Can Your Gerbil Eat Honey?

What Other Foods Are Safe for Gerbils?

Just because certain foods aren’t suitable for gerbils, that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy other nutritious foods. Gerbils love fruits and vegetables, and luckily for them, they can digest them very well. As long as the fruits and vegetables are fresh and organic, your gerbil will be well-fed and in good shape.

Apart from fruits and vegetables, gerbils can also enjoy wheat. Wheat is suitable for their health as it’s easily digestible. However, ensure the wheat you are feeding to your gerbil isn’t cooked as it becomes somewhat processed. One thing to remember is that you need to provide your gerbil with fresh food always.

Other treats your gerbil can enjoy are sugarless cereal, seeds, fennel, and herbs. Gerbils love to devour them as it provides them with a nutritional kick and is also easy to pass through within their system. Your gerbil will have good health as long as you carefully research what foods you can and cannot give them.

Another thing you need to be mindful of as a gerbil parent because they’re not to be given foods in massive amounts. Feed them moderately, and you wouldn’t find yourself taking your gerbil to the vet’s office.

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Final Words

So, if you’re a gerbil owner, it might be time to switch out that honey jar for something a little less harmful to your furry friend. And if you’re not currently a gerbil owner but are thinking of getting one, now you know that honey isn’t the best food choice! Either way, we hope you enjoyed this post and learned something new about these cute little creatures.