Can Your Gerbil Eat Yogurt? – Solved & Explained!

When preparing meals for your gerbil, be mindful of what you’re giving them. Even a tiny bit of a harmful ingredient can make them sick. Gerbils aren’t animals that can eat just about anything and feel fine. Certain foods harm most gerbils’ health, which is why it’s best to be careful with their meal planning.

If you don’t want to visit a vet’s office all the time, we’d suggest you research each food’s nutritional value and whether your gerbil can digest them or not. You can find plenty of information over the internet, so you wouldn’t have to look too hard either. All you need is to ensure your gerbil remains safe and sound.

Can Gerbils Eat Yogurt?

No, gerbils cannot eat (or drink) yogurt at all. Gerbils generally don’t cope well with dairy items, which is why you should keep them as far away as you can from all dairy items. Yogurt is made from dairy, making it a pretty heavy food for gerbils to consume. A gerbil’s digestive system is too sensitive to digest yogurt.

Some gerbils are also lactose-intolerant, making dairy items the last food on the list of things you can feed your gerbil with. However, lactose intolerance isn’t found in all gerbils, so the dietary restriction varies from gerbil to gerbil.

Most gerbils don’t digest dairy items very well.

However, yogurt generally contains natural sugar, and gerbils don’t digest sugar all too well. They become sick, and before you know, they’d start vomiting. Since you wouldn’t want your fluffy friend to go through all that torture, you should keep them away from foods such as yogurt.

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Ensure it’s unsweetened first if you still want to give your gerbil yogurt. Secondly, give your gerbil as moderate an amount as you can. However, this isn’t a practice you should continue.

Can Your Gerbil Eat Yogurt?

Can gerbils have yogurt drops?

No, gerbils should not have yogurt treats. Yogurt drops aren’t really yogurt at all and are just a sweet treat that is made with sugar and other ingredients so they don’t provide much in the way of nutritional value for gerbils to be able to eat.

Eating too many of them will result in a gerbil getting some stomach pain and diarrhea as a result of eating too much of them.

So as far as the question “Can your gerbil eat yogurt drops?” goes, we’re sorry but we have to say no.

Can gerbils have yogurt treats?

No, You shouldn’t feed your gerbils yogurt treats, like yogurt en yogurt drops.

It’s bad for them and they’re unlikely to enjoy it. They’ll end up with some stomach discomfort if they eat it often enough, which means that you should avoid giving them yogurt drops or any other type of yogurt treat. Sure, some gerbils might like them, but that doesn’t mean it’s good for them. if you like to give a treat, you better give them fruit or millet. these are foods that are good for them.

Yogurt drops, like other types of yogurt or yogurt-based foods, can’t be fed to gerbils as food due to their lack of nutritional value and the fact they’re very sweet.

So, What Can Gerbils Drink?

Water. That’s the only drink you should give your gerbils. Giving them fresh water every day will keep them hydrated and fresh throughout the day. Gerbils aren’t animals you can give juice to. So, please be careful when deciding what to give them to drink.

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Freshwater is necessary for gerbils as they can get severely dehydrated if they aren’t given sufficient water. The lack of water also drains them of their remaining energy, and constant water ignorance can lead to fatal cases. Hence, giving them fresh water every day is crucial for their excellent health.

However, one thing to be careful about is the amount of water you give your gerbils. As gerbils already get specific amounts of water from foods, such as melons and tomatoes, you don’t want to overhydrate them. We know it’s tricky, but if you’re raising a gerbil, you’ll have to keep check of what foods you’ve given them so far and then make a rough calculation of how much water they must’ve consumed.

Your calculation doesn’t have to be accurate but good enough for you to understand your gerbil’s hydration needs. But yes, gerbils need sufficient water to stay active and hydrated throughout the day.


To keep your little rodent safe and healthy, always make sure they have a steady supply of water. Keep in mind that gerbils can’t eat or drink yogurt either! Yogurt drops are often marketed towards kids as an after-school snack but these treats may not be appropriate for rodents. If you’re looking to give your pet something sweet, give them fruits or some seeds