Can You Feed Your Gerbil Guinea Pig Foods? Do you know the answer?

Dealing with a pet gerbil can surely be tricky as their diet needs to be carefully planned. Yes, when you’re raising gerbils, you have to be highly considerate when planning their meals. Gerbils can’t digest everything. Therefore, you have to ensure you’re feeding them clean food.

Gerbils are sensitive creatures who can only eat particular foods. You can call them high maintenance, but you should be prepared for that once you bring your gerbil home. We’d suggest you research some gerbil facts before you prepare their meals and feed them. So, what can a gerbil eat?

Can they eat foods other animals, such as guinea pigs, eat? Let’s explore in detail.

Can Gerbils Eat Guinea Pig Foods?

Yes, gerbils can surely eat guinea pig goods. Guinea pigs and gerbils share the same nutritional values, making them allergic to similar food groups. Guinea pigs and gerbils belong to the rodent family, which is the main reason behind their similar traits. This makes it easy to feed your gerbil guinea pig food.

While researching online, if you come across information regarding guinea pigs and gerbils’ diets, you’ll find plenty of things in common. For example, these rodents enjoy eating grasses, herbs, and seeds from many fruits. They further love to eat plenty of bulbs and leaves from different plants.

Guinea pigs love eating foods enriched with vitamin C. A little-known fact is that vitamin C is actually necessary for guinea pigs, and the lack of it can lead to them becoming scurvy. Gerbils don’t have the same detrimental effect if they aren’t given sufficient vitamin C, but it’s certainly good for them.

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If you know a guinea pig, ask them for advice regarding their pet’s diet as guinea pigs and gerbils can share the same foods.

Can You Feed Your Gerbil Guinea Pig Foods?

Can Guinea Pig Foods Kill Gerbils?

No, guinea pig foods do not kill your gerbil. As mentioned earlier, guinea pigs and gerbils only have a few differences between them. However, both of them have the same reaction to particular food groups when it comes to food.

The only difference guinea pigs and gerbils have is that the former is twice the latter’s size. If you compare them against each other, you’ll find a guinea pig to be fluffier and rounder. Gerbils generally have a smaller build. But their digestive systems are pretty sensitive as they can’t digest everything.

So, if you have a gerbil, do not be afraid to give them food that a guinea pig eats. But if you’re still paranoid regarding feeding your gerbil guinea pig food, you can consult a vet and ask them whether your gerbil will be all right if given guinea pig food. Information on the internet will also tell you the same thing: you can feed your gerbil guinea pig foods.

Please do not be worried if you recently fed your gerbil guinea pig food. They’ll be all right and wouldn’t fall sick.

What Should I Feed My Gerbil?

Gerbils are very easy to care for and can be fed a variety of fruits, vegetables, seeds, and grains. You may already know that the typical gerbil diet consists largely of lab blocks (pellets), however, it is important to offer your pet some fresh food as well.

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having a well-balanced diet for your gerbil will aid in the prevention of obesity/diabetes, neural degeneration, and some types of cancer. It is very important not to overfeed your gerbil as this can also cause serious health problems.

A variety of fresh fruits and vegetables are typically offered to captive gerbils. However, before you run off to the grocery store to buy some products for your pet gerbil, there are some things that you will want to consider first.

It is important that all produce be washed thoroughly with water before feeding it to your pet, as this will decrease the risk of intestinal blockages. if it’s the first time to offer a certain fruit or veggie, you should introduce one item per week to avoid any potential allergies.


So if you’re feeling guilty about feeding your gerbil guinea pig food, don’t be! As long as you’re providing a variety of fresh fruits and seeds, your little guy will stay healthy and happy. And if you want to give your gerbil a treat from time to time, few things are more widely available and beloved than the guinea pig pellet.