Can Gerbils Eat Grapes? lets find out!

Gerbils are omnivores, which suggests they eat a mixed diet of plants, seeds, and vegetables and might also eat meat.

Yet they like a vegetarian diet, and most gerbils eat plant-based diets made from vegetables, fruit, seeds, bulbs, leaves, and herbs.

Your pet gerbil needs a top-quality, diet that contains all the minerals, nutrients, and vitamins they have.

you’ll be able to purchase commercial food in dried mixes and pellets to feed your gerbil, which is rich in protein and specially formulated to fulfill their needs.

Here we’ll explore whether gerbils can eat grapes and other kinds of fruits.

Can Gerbils Eat Grapes?

Sources are mixed on whether it’s safe for gerbils to eat grapes. the united kingdom animal charity RSPCA states that grapes and rhubarb are poisonous to rodents and to not feed it to them.

Yet most other sources state that grapes are a wonderfully safe snack for gerbils to dine in small amounts a pair of times every week and add vital carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals into their diet.

The main reason grapes won’t be the most effective snack for gerbils is that they contain lots of sugar and then should just incline to your gerbil moderately.

A grape breaks up into small pieces and given as a treat 2-3 times per week may be a great deal for a tasty snack that will not provide an excessive amount of sugar.

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Gerbils can eat grapes fresh, including the skin and seeds, slice them into little pieces for them to carry and chew.

Gerbils can even eat dried grapes like raisins, dates, currants, or sultanas – yet these should tend in smaller amounts as once the water dries these fruits contain more sugar in each bite.

Within the summer your furry friend could enjoy a frozen grape to chill them down.

can Gerbils eat grapes

How to feed gerbils grapes

The best way to feed gerbils is by giving them small portions, in the beginning, to see if they are allergic to grapes or not.

Grapes are a very good source of calcium, phosphorus, and iron.

They also have potassium, niacin, thiamin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, and beta-carotene.  

Grapes are also full of sugars that make them jump everywhere when feeding them to your gerbils.

If there is no reaction the best way to give your gerbils grapes is by cutting them in half and removing the seeds.

Seeds are not good for gerbils, so you might as well cut them off.

Another way to feed grapes is by giving your gerbils a bunch of grapes straight up.

It can be messy but it is worth watching cute things happen. If you need to give your gerbils medicine, grapes are a nice way to mask the flavor and trick them into taking their needed medication.

If you feed your gerbil grapes in moderation then there is no need for extreme measures

You can also buy ready-made dried grapes from the store, without sugar or other additives.

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Is grape juice good for gerbils?

No, Giving grape juice to your gerbils is not okay.

By liquifying the grapes the gerbils only get the sugars from the grape and not the natural fiber from it.

In this form of feeding your gerbil, along with the sugars there will be no good bacteria to help digest food right or to aid in digestion at all for that matter.

An even worse way to give grape juice to your gerbils is by mixing it with sugar.

This essentially turns the grape juice into candy for your gerbil and will cause significant health problems if fed regularly or in large quantities

Can gerbils eat green grapes?

Yes, they can, but green grapes are another fruit that you don’t want to overfeed.  Grapes should be fed as an occasional treat with any color of grape if you plan on feeding them regularly, just like with any other food

Can gerbils eat dried grapes?

Yes, they can, even though this is not their natural food it is okay for your gerbil in small quantities.

Dried grapes are an inexpensive way to give your gerbil a treat once in a while without all the hassle of open seeds and things like that.

 As long as you don’t go overboard with dried grapes there’s no problem.

What Fruit Are Gerbils Allowed?

There are many fresh fruits that are safe for gerbils to eat. Give them chopped fruit as a juicy snack 2-3 times a week. These include:

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Fruits are rich in vitamins and are a healthy snack as a part of a diet.

They contain carbohydrates for energy and healthy growth of gerbils, a protein that aids the expansion and repair of cells, and vitamins and minerals which boost immunity and protect gerbils against diseases and infections.

The sole reason they’re not healthy enough to be fed to gerbils more often is of the high sugar content.

Gerbils don’t encounter much sugar naturally within the wild and then eating plenty of sugar-heavy fruits isn’t a healthy part of their diet – consuming an excessive amount can cause obesity and digestive issues.

Ensure your gerbil contains a diet rich in mixed seeds and pellets, like millet, which supplies all the nutrition they have.

you’ll then supplement their diet with a fruit treat like grapes.


So, what’s the verdict? Can gerbils eat grapes?

The answer is: it depends. Some people say that it’s ok to give your gerbil a small portion of grapes as a treat, but others believe that grape juice is bad for them.

To find out if your gerbil can eat grapes without any problems, start by feeding them very small portions and watching their reaction closely.

If they have no negative reaction after eating a few grapes, then you can probably continue to give them this occasional snack in moderation.

Just be sure not to overdo it, since too much sugar isn’t good for any pet!